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Windsor Castle

by on June 23, 2012

from Renee:

Today’s trip was to Windsor Castle.  We took 3 trains to get there.  We did not have the good luck to see the Queen today, although she was in -residence at Windsor Castle.  I keep hoping we’ll bump into Kate and William, but no such luck so far.  Since my last visit the major sites (Windsor Castle, Westminster) have added audio tours.  This is a definite upgrade from reading the signs and has kept the kids more interested in what we are seeing.

I wanted to share the most interesting souvenir that I saw (and didn’t buy)…Christmas ornaments of Henry VIII and all 6 of this wives!  Hummm…there must be a market for them, but why?

The weather continues to be very ‘fall’.  A few raindrops today (not too much) but gray and cool.  I saw a woman wearing a full-length mink coat – and it wasn’t even that ridiculous – even though it’s end of June.

Is this Alex drinking wine????  Oh no…..Its Diet Coke in a wine glass.

Eating continues to be interesting.  The grocery store has a amazing variety of chocolate cereal – like chocolate mini-wheats and chocolate corn flakes.  Kids were disappointed we didn’t try either of those – or some of the 3 dozen other chocolate and caramel flavored breakfast cereals at the local Sainsbury.   Dining out has been pretty good, esp. when it became clear that many restaurants serve ‘chips’ (french fries) with their pasta – both kids LOVE this!

We are continuing to try a new candy everyday – so far our friend Isla’s favorite candy bar – FLAKES, was really yummy.  We’ve also enjoyed  AERO Orange.  We have figured out vending machines have a better single serving selection than stores – so we are looking at vending machines where ever we see them to make today’s candy selection.  I am happy to report that Diet Coke is available everywhere…at room temperature usually.  The Brits just don’t appreciate a giant class of crushed ice!

We are successfully moving back our body clocks, were out of the apt today by 11:15.  Tomorrow we are going to try for an 8am wake-up call.  This is important as we have several long ‘out of town’ day trips planned that will require an early start.


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  1. ali fraser permalink

    Alex and Renee, We love your blog! Please don’t be shy to blog everyday as we are living vicariously through y’all. I don’t see the watch! Ali and family

  2. Olivia Vercruysse permalink

    Looks like you are having so much fun in London! Have you heard enough “mind the gap” while using the underground!? Unfortunately, I did not visit Windsor Castle when I was in London, but I did go to Buckingham Palace. When you visit Buckingham Palace, see if the doors to the private quarters are open because the door was open when we went. Say hi to the Queen from us! I can’t wait to read more about your fabulous trip.

  3. maureen ryan permalink

    I’m getting vicarious pleasure reading all your fun blogs. As you know, London is my favorite city and one I have visited many times. You certainly are hitting all the interesting sights. One suggestion: The Imperial War Museum. It is across the Thames. Also, some of the historical walks are worthwhile. They are usually listed in the magazine, What’s Up” (I think that is the name of it).
    I’m glad you went to Wimbledon. Sorry you missed Federer. He needs your support.

    Keep on blogging….they are great!


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