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Here Comes the Sun

by on June 24, 2012

From David:

Touring today included a big outdoor market where everyone in town goes on Sunday to buy crafts.  Anna got a nice necklace with a clock in a locket (a “clocket”?).  Alex was excited to play with the new Samsung Android Galaxy S3 phone that isn’t available in the US yet.

Best feature of the British Museum:  “For those of you in a hurry (or traveling with impatient children who don’t appreciate old things), here are the 12 artifacts (out of 8 million) you should be sure to see”.

“Just can’t resist” photo caption #1:

Mummy with a Mummy

“Did they really say that?” moment #1:  When justifying why half of the Parthenon is in a museum in England:  “If we had sent it back to Greece, it would have been taken by vandals, so we felt it safer to keep it here”.

“Ever wonder why” moment #1:  Yes, in  England, “here comes the sun” is interesting enough that it’s worthy of a song.

“Did they really say that?” moment #2:  “For best enjoyment of your Hotpoint under-counter clothes washer/dryer, do not load more than 1 kilogram of (dry) clothes.”   What, they make them for families of fairies?

“Ever wonder why” moment #2:  The reason they have double-decker buses is because the streets are so narrow, a long bus couldn’t make the turns. To add passengers, their only choice was to go up.  I’d never thought of it that way.

From Alex:

We visited the British Museum today. Now I get where J.K. Rowling got most of her ideas for Harry Potter. My favorite exhibit was the Rosetta Stone where approximately 1/2 of the Rosetta Stone was. I was happy to know that Egyptians in 196 B.C. had enough common  sense to find a rock and carve characters into it to confuse the French. The alarm went off, and the staff were acting calm (until we got outside and the manager was yelling through a mega-phone and people were entering through the Emergency Exit.)

The Double Decker bus was also fun. I made a point that they should be not saying “Please Hold On, this train is departing” for the Underground, because the train does not start very fast, and they should say, “Please hold on to the closest permanent item if you are standing up” when a bus starts.  Yet another fun day in the UK.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that a small handicapped stall in a bathroom is supposed to hold 12 people? An elevator the size of our new kitchen table was supposed to hold 12. Maybe they’re both for fairies too.


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