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by on June 26, 2012

Tuesday was a long but fun day at Wimbledon.  They do something unusual, in that anyone can line up to get in on the day of the matches… you don’t need to deal with ticket brokers or scalpers. Only trouble is, the queue is VERY long…  were # 7,636!  We had a nice time sitting on the grass for a few hours  chatting with the people next to us… fortunately it was a nice day else we would have had to heed warnings to “mind the boggy bits” (translate:  stay out of the mud puddles)

And look… sections J and K again!   This time, truly coincidence.

Once in, we were able to just wander the grounds and see some of the early round matches.  We didn’t get to see any of the big name players… they play on the “show courts” where tickets are sold out a year in advance.  But we did see some amazing tennis from top-100 players.   It’s shocking how close the audience is to the courts… in fact it has to be really distracting to the players.

Here’s Alexandra Panova… world #72   (plus two bald guys)

We also had fun sitting on “Henman Hill”… a big grass area where people can watch the marquee matches on a huge TV screen.  Rafael Nadal took a few games to wake up in his first match and it was getting exciting for all of us on the hill, but he found his footing and won as expected.  Here’s David and Rafa


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    You guys are really hitting all the fun sights. Wow Wimbledon! Sure yhope you got one mementos of the visit sinc yo lov tennis. Must be amazing for Sunday’s final with Andy Murray vs Federer.

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