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Lady in Purple Hat

by on June 28, 2012

From David:

What we thought would be a low key day turned out to be full of “good surprises”.

But first some updates:

1)  The blogosphere has spoken…. Anna got her Kit Kat Yogurt.  Even though she’s not into blogging, she thanks all of you who encouraged it.

2)  Correction from yesterday…  this picture (at 3:12 pm) shows that sundials are not completely superfluous in England (but the spec says they’re only accurate to plus or minus 6 minutes)

3)  The kids continue to be very amused by the names of the stations on the Underground. Here’s a good one:

Had we bought the book (or had we sprung for more than 80 MB/month of international data roaming on AT&T and been able to Google it), it turns out that  the names of most London neighborhoods and tube stations date back to the 1300s or even Roman times.

4)  Anna and Renee had quite the shopping spree at the International Girl Scout/Girl Guide headquarters.   Patches for all when we come home!

5)  The news frenzy over the Supreme Court ruling on health care pales in comparison to the hullabaloo today in London, over the banking scandal in which Barclay’s (and many other banks it’s feared) participated in rigging the international standard “LIBOR” interest rate on which so many mortgages and other financial instruments are based.   Wow, the not-shy British press is going to town with this one.


And now for the fun part. We were heading to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard, and there was a lot of excitement in the neighborhood. Turns out that there was a big ceremony to dedicate a new memorial to the airmen of the Royal Air Force Bomber squadrons who died in WW II.  This is a hugely political thing, because the Germans have a slightly different view of those bombing campaigns. Anyway, they finally got their memorial and there was a big concert and stuff to unveil it.   We didn’t get to go in, but we were close enough to hear all the speeches and see it on a big TV screen. There was a flyover by modern jets, and a vintage bomber flew over and dropped 50,000 poppies over the show.

And then the really cool part… at least to the car nuts in the crowd…  as we were walking down the street we saw a fancy looking old Rolls Royce, and I said “Omigod, that’s a royal limo!”  It had the big glass windows that you always see the royals through, and in the back seat were two cushy needlepointed cushions for royals to sit on.     Pretty rare sight… kinda like seeing the President’s big car.   I think it was a Phantom VI, 1977 or 1978 model.

And then a few minutes later we saw another limo coming out of the palace, with an older couple in the back seat… the woman was wearing a purple hat that matched her outfit, and the man was in a soldier’s uniform.    This one had a fancy flag on top so it was probably a special model of Bentley.  I guess they were testing cars today or something.

The people around us were cheering a lot… they must have been car nuts also.

As Alex says… just another day in the UK.  Seen one queen, seen ’em all.



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One Comment
  1. Aunt Donna permalink

    Cousin Hannah and Ben are very much interested in having our family implement the ‘candy of the day’ concept that was mentioned in an earlier post….is that still in place? or have you substituted with chocolate-based breakfast foods instead?

    Ben is very disappointed that there was no picture of the jets flying over, just boring old cars…..

    sounds like a great time….

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