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Foolish Scribblings

by on July 3, 2012

Today, we sat on a big green couch


… and rode on the London Eye ferris wheel from which we saw a big purple upside down cow:


and went to St. Paul’s Cathedral where we were treated to a very pretty impromptu concert (well, impromptu for us, surely not for them) by a visiting choir from Australia


and of course we were compelled to walk the 582 steps on the “Stairmaster of St. Paul’s” to the very tip top of the dome (which we determined actually hurts more on the way down than on the way up) and could also be combined with St. Paul’s scared-of-heights test


(the big triangle in the background is something new in London… a building known as the “Shard of Glass” that looks like a broken piece of glass and is the tallest building in Europe and has 10 apartments that will be sold for $75 million each)

and considering that this whole blog is nothing but foolish scribbling, we enjoyed this sign


and then we heard Renee’s friend Katherine talk about making the new movie Brave which we are very sad is not yet released in the UK but we hope you’re all going to see it in the US.

Just another day in the UK… 2 more to go.


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