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For Parents Only

by on July 6, 2012

From David:

Walking with your family across the bridges and through the neighborhoods of the Left Bank of Paris on a beautiful summer day is really fun.


When you were kept awake until 2am by the revelers on the street below and you also forgot to put your cell phone on Airplane Mode despite previous bad experiences with calls from the US way way late at night so when you finally got to sleep you were awoken by a robocall from Blue Cross reminding you that now that you’re 50 you should get a colonoscopy, and therefore you and Renee slept in until 10am and therefore Alex spent 3 1/2 hours this morning playing on his iPad and so he got into the kid equivalent of the mood that Renee always says you get in when you’ve been programming for too long and on top of that he’s now having a sugar crash because he had too many carbs and not enough protein for breakfast because he won’t eat the French bacon because it “tastes different” and he’s saying he hates Paris and why didn’t we just go on a fun Disney Cruise like Bobby’s family did and power bars aren’t working so you’re now getting more and more desperate to find him something to eat with a good dose of protein and you’re walking past cafe after cafe that have lots of wonderful food except you can’t read the menus so you have no idea what anything is and you can’t take the chance of ordering something that won’t solve the problem and you know he hates sandwiches but every cafe has ham sandwiches and you wish you could just cram one down his throat and the longer you walk the more tired and grumpy he’s getting…

… it’s not.

But we did get a good intro to Paris in a long walk on our first day out:

We saw Notre Dame


and the Pantheon


and a store that only sells Star Wars plastic figures (now there’s a business model)

and an old scale a lot like the one we have at home

and the Luxembourg Palace


and the boat pond in the Jardins du Luxembourg


And we did finally find an Italian restaurant that had spaghetti with meat sauce

Just another fun day in France!

PS: Big shout-outs to:

Cousin Hannah, whose Irish Dance team won #2 prize in the Drama event at the North American Irish Dance Championships!

Shalini Stockmans, our friend from Canada and now North Carolina, who just set a new World Record in her age group in the World Jump Roping Championships, doing 414 jumps in 3 minutes!

Roger Federer, who showed that the magic is still there.


PS:  Question raised by Anna tonight while reading The Three Musketeers at bedtime: given that King Louis XV had a very contentious relationship with Cardinal Richelieu who should have been subservient to his king but actually wielded more power, and the King and the Cardinal each had their own armed force that was loyal to only them, then why are the King’s Musketeers and the Cardinal’s soldiers always fighting against each other and why can’t they just get along?

I think I need a vacation.


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  1. John Beaver permalink

    “Mama said there’d be days like this…there’ll be days like this mama said.”

    BTW…I lived on ham & cheese sandwiches (Croque Monsieur’s) when I was in France as a teenager.

  2. Lucy permalink

    This is the best post so far. I’m sorry you had to live through it, but to read about is funny and I can see through Alex’s facial expressions down the pictures that he had a rough day. Here’s to a better day tomorrow!

  3. Uncle Phil permalink

    When I was in Dallas as a teenager, I lived on ham & cheese sandwiches too (Bubba’s BBQ).
    I finally got this link today, so I ‘ve just spent the last hour reading the blog. I’m airsick, train sick, seasick (OK, canal boat sick) and jet lagged all at once. Next time I’ll read it a bit at a time.
    BTW, when it said “for parents only” I was really hoping for your fotos of a live burlesque show.
    BTW (that’s 2 BTWs to John’s one) if you want to order a delicious french dish for Alex, just ask for “foie.” Trust me on this.

    • Cousin Hannah permalink

      Just thought I’d update you on the status of our French culinary adventure-
      He tried it.
      He liked it.

      And then he ate some carrots.

  4. Bobby youstra permalink

    Did somebody say disney cruise?

  5. virginia permalink

    This is absolutely hysterical. Love the blow by blow account. You can also see Alex fading through the photos. Anna looks to be loving the trip. I lived on ham sandwiches every day in HS.

  6. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Call again. I just got to the phone…

  7. Beth permalink

    🙂 Miss you all! Great stories.

  8. Guess Who? permalink

    Big shout out to the annoying people who decided that they needed to sell some scam products at 2 a.m.

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