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The Wendlandts are here!

by on July 13, 2012

Some thoughts from Alex:

Tips for traveling to Europe:

1. Self-Serve Gelato is hard to find (Unless you are in ITALY)

2. Get Skype Premium with unlimited calling to the US ($4.00/month), but do not tell your wife until 2 days into your vacation, it will please her very much

3. Paris is boring unless you have other family members (ex: Cousins)


Alex,  Enough with the tips, lets get to the chase.

Today, Hannah, Ben (who now has a bright green cast the color of a green screen), Aunt Donna, and Uncle Eric, arrived in Paris. Feeling jet-lagged, we were able to get them to see the Eiffel Tower. They are staying at the Marriot Courtyard in Blog du Bologna (or what ever it is)! “Thanks for getting jet-lagged with United Airlines!” The Eiffel Tower has a disco ball in the middle and two smaller on light posts. It turns out that this Bastille Day celebration is called Disco Years.


From David:

Well gee, I guess Alex said it all.  Yes, Renee’s sister and her family came in today.  It was fun for us to be the “experts” in Paris and show them the ropes.  And also fun to be with someone we know who isn’t ourselves!

They had brave plans to beat jet lag and stay up late.  Nice try, guys.  After they went to sleep, we went to the Pompidou modern art musem, which had this very appropriate painting:

And of course, what possible discussion could come out of a modern art museum other than… if a famous guy sticks a bicycle wheel on the top of a stool, is it “art”?   Any of you in the blogosphere want to tackle that one?

PS: Some of you who are amused by Alex’s posts have wondered how much of it is him and how much is Daddy’s editing?  A few minor edits in previous posts, but I let this one stand on its own.  He hates writing with pencil and paper but clearly gets a fresh burst of energy when he can put his hands on a keyboard.

Bon nuit, all.



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  1. John Beaver permalink

    Bonjour Wendlandts.

    If they hang the flag from the Arc d’ Triomphe tomorrow it’s an awesome sight.
    There should be fireworks at Le Tour Eiffel tomorrow night, so you don’t want to miss those.
    Happy Bastille Day.

  2. Lucy permalink

    Did you go up in the Eiffel Tower or just to it?

  3. Uncle Phil permalink

    Never mind the poorly-designed unicycle (only the French…). I still want to know where you are! The sign clearly says “New York” and it looks like Central Park in the background. That tower thing is obviously shopped in. If you’re going to shop in stuff to make it look like Pairee, then you have to shop out the dead giveaways. (Plus, in Frenchland, the painting would say something like “le sommeil vouz etalage du industriel poisson” or something equally as nonsensical!)

  4. John Beaver permalink

    Oh Phil, go back a few posts (for parents only) and you can tell they’re in Fraaahnce by the dour look on Alex’s face.

  5. Wheel on a Stool- the “masterpiece of the century”.

  6. Aunt Ginny permalink

    The former me would have bought that French “artwork”! Nothing better than having the cousins to hang with. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s Bastille day photos. Why can’t Phil figure out you’re all in Vegas?!!! What does Anna’s t- shirt say? Countdown is on for Anna’s birthday in Paris…

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