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Fun in the sun

by on July 20, 2012

We now know where all the sun went that should have been in London and Paris… It’s in Spain!

We intentionally booked a week of “vacation within the vacation”, to take a break from touring. We’re on the Costa del Sol, the Mediterranean coast of Spain near Gibraltar. The sky is deep blue, the weather is awesome, our apartment is huge, the TV has English CNN, we all have real beds and real showers, it’s 30 feet to the pool and 50 yards to the beach. And as Tina Fey said… We can see Africa from our house!

Only one thing is a “bad surprise”…. The apartment has no Internet!! How did I make that mistake??? Our two must-have features when finding places to rent were wi-fi and clothes washer. Oh well…. It will be healthy for all of us to make do with slow phone connection.

Therefore we won’t be blogging much this week… It’s pretty painful to blog from iPhone. But there won’t be much to blog about anyway…. Just basking in the sun and being lazy.

Check back for an update on Monday.


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    I checked, and Spain is scheduled to get the interwebs in 2016. However, they should have gotten washing machines in the 1990s. You can look it up on Goog–never mind…
    Que lastima, porque cada dia queria escribir noticias in Espanol como ha hecho Tia Ginny en la lengua de las ranas pescados! (o algo asi)

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Ok Phil, now you’re just showing off! Personally, i can’t imagine David and Alex for one week with no Internet and for David a double whammy with no tennis. Have fun Renee and Anna!!! Get a nice tan and look like the locals.

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