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Discuss among yourselves…

by on July 27, 2012

We had a nice day in Barcelona… we all like this city a lot. But then we came home and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies, and now it’s too late to blog.  Sorry, hope for more tomorrow.

Topic for discussion… (after you all watch the ceremonies tape-delayed)…   

Did any of you understand what the heck that was all about?  



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  1. Bobby youstra permalink

    No, but anyways we will go to a Delaware beach beginning August 3rd 2012

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    I got it! Ya see, the Queen, no Queen, no wait, the Beatles, wait no, James Bond and Mr. Bean, hold on, I think it was Mr. Spice and a flame, OK I got it–it was a riddle who shall not be named, or something like that.
    No wonder the interwebs are flooded with fotos of Elizabeth’s double yawning. And these people used to have an Empire?

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Well they only had a $42MM budget. The helicopter scene, Beckham on the boat with the torch, the fireworks and seeing the countries enter to see all the outfits and excitement…come on folks get some Olympic spirit!

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