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Saturday: Apple Store!

by on July 29, 2012

From Alex:

Our tour of global Apple stores continues. Yesterday, a new Apple store in Barcelona was opened. This is the story: 2 days ago, we saw a ton of people lining outside of the Apple store (aprox. 60). we were on a bus tour and we did not go see what was going on. We stayed on the tour and looked at Northern and Southern Barcelona. When we were going back home we decided to find out what the big deal was. We tried to go in but, then we noticed the store was closed.

We had a nice chat with an American person,  Gary Allen, at the front of the line who was retired and goes around the world visiting openings of new Apple stores.  The hobby of seeing the opening of Apple stores he calls IFOAPPLESTORE. He has a website ( and a Twitter account (@ifostore).

“Apple takes time to get the best locations possible” he said, this store is right on the main square and they waited for 6 years to get it.  He told us that Apple designers and marketers had been working on t-shirts for the opening of the store. The logo of the opening can be found on Twitter (@alexbeaverpv, #applestorebarcelona).

We came back the next morning and waited in line for an hour with thousands of other people and were able to get 8 T-shirts by going in line twice. OSX Mountain Lion with its release also attracted purchasers to the store to purchase Macs. Live TV coverage was put on by EURO 3 tv channel.

The only trouble is the shirts are small and will surely shrink, so that that an adult large (largest size) after being washed would fit Anna and me.

Here we are on the famous glass stairs, with our new T-shirts

All in all, it was worth it.

From David:

We also visited the Sagrada Familia church which is the most famous site in Barcelona. It was designed by Gaudi who was a very innovative architect in the early 1900s and did lots of crazy buildings all around town.  His buildings compare to normal buildings like Picasso’s crazy face paintings compare to a normal 19th century portrait… they have all sorts of curves and colors and shapes.

We knew the church was an interesting design but still expected to just spend a while in it, because we’ve seen so many churches.  Think again.  Omigod, this place is unbelievable.  Even the kids were interested, and Renee and I were totally floored.  The exterior pictures you always see seem to look just like a big sandcastle, but when you get up close, the details, carvings, statues, etc. etc are amazing.  But inside is a whole other world… there is nothing like this anywhere else on earth.  It’s like you’re in a tropical forest of amazing colors and light, with the “trees” that are the columns of the church extending hundreds of feet above you.    No photo we could take would do it justice.

The kids ran out of energy but Renee and I really want to go back and spend more time learning about all the details.


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  1. Awesome! Apple T-SHIRTS! That’s a new one! Hope you guys have fun!

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    Awesome! Hitting the Apple store in Barcelona. I can’t wait to hear about the McDonalds in Vatican City, or the Burger King in Rome. Maybe they’ll have a WalMart in Venice. When you get to Maranello, get a picture of the Ford plant.
    BTW, Dave, just because picutres “won’t do it justice” doesn’t mean you can’t try! We want to enjoy Europe vicariously–keep those fotos coming!

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Very well written Alex. Gaudi’s architecture is quite unusual. Anna is really getting taller and is not even on her tippy toes…yes I noticed that deception in earlier photos. Miss you all!

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