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Another Excellent Adventure: Montserrat

by on August 1, 2012

Once again… for a good time, leave the big city and take a day trip out of town. This time, to Montserrat, a very unique small mountain range which has had a monastery since the 9th century.

First take a train about an hour inland.  You get your first glimpse of the mountain from the train station:


See the top?  Remember that.

Then take the cog-wheel railway up a very steep track, about 2000 feet vertical climb up into the mountain, to the monastery.


Of course, there’s an Old Church:


Then get on the Funicular (look it up) and go up another 1000 feet

(We’ve done many Funiculars in the last few weeks)

… where you see this view of the mountain peaks


See the upper gash across the left pinnacle?  Remember it.

Then climb a ways to find… an old church!  (Chapel, actually)


“What were these people thinking” comes to mind… you are at this point way, way up the hill.  But, you’re not done yet…

Climb another few hundred feet to that gash in the rock mentioned above, to the Hermitage….  the remains of the cliff houses (with tiny doorway) they built to do monk stuff.


And then, just to cement the good time, walk over to another peak that although it was a hazy day, has a stunning view of this entire section of Spain, and out into the Mediterranean


Boy, when these monks said “let’s get away from it all”, they weren’t kidding.   Imagine doing this before all the trains and funiculars.

Good time was had.




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  1. Lucy permalink

    That bottom picture is beautiful. You should have that framed. Great family photo

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Alex looks on top of the world…should have planted a flag of the USA up there. Well worth the trek up.

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