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Lazy days in Lucca

by on August 9, 2012

We had two nice lazy days in Lucca with my parents, just seeing the local sights:

Anna and Alex took a horse carriage ride around the 2.5 mile city walls with their grandparents:


We climbed to the top of one of the biggest towers still remaining… which interestingly has had oak trees growing on the roof for 400 years….


It was a spectacular blue sky day and we had a great view of the Apuan Alps, a surprisingly-high mountain range that’s part of Italy’s mountainous backbone.

We were interested to learn that most the over-130 stone towers in Lucca over the years were signs of political power, not religious. The bigger a tower you could afford to build on your palazzo, the more important you were. When your clan annoyed people and got run out of town (any 25 townspeople could sign a petition to banish someone or a family), they pulled your tower down. 

And of course we had gelato…. limit of one per day!!!!!  (Although Grandpa Jerry as the patriarch of the clan could have whatever he wanted)



And then today we went to Pisa.  We had a very nice stroll through the city, along the river


and past a very quaint little church



and to the Cathedral Square


and we got a great view of the city from the top of a tower


(sorry the picture’s a little crooked…. we must have been leaning when we took it).


Oh, come on, do I have to?  Really?   Please don’t make me do it!   

Well OK, here’s the picture you all were waiting to see…



There…. are you happy now?


Three random sights in Pisa….

1)  The Black Store, the yin to the yang of the White Store a few weeks ago in Marbella



2)  We had no idea that the Leaning Tower is a completely hollow tube… (sorry Alex for the odd angle…. Daddy was lying on the ground to take this shot)



3)  Why in heaven’s name would someone have (recently) sprayed graffiti of Ted Kaczynski on a wall??




Time’s up in Tuscany… we’re on a train to Rome tomorrow.  9 days in Rome with a short side trip to Sorrento to hopefully avoid the heat…. whose idea was it to visit Rome in August anyway?   Back on line soon…


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    I understand the one picture, but why are all of the other ones so crooked?

  2. The Vercruysse's permalink

    My guess, the shock going from the rainy north to the sunny south,
    combined with too many days deprived of internet, the abundance of good
    food, weird people and buildings finally was too much for the Beaver family,
    They succumbed to the Italian way: why straight if you can go astray?

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