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When in Rome…. be a tourist!

by on August 13, 2012

Sunday and Monday were tourist days.  Here are some details from these days, that give the flavor:

Sunday we walked the middle section of town, from the Pantheon to the Castle of St. Angelo.

The 16 columns on the Pantheon are each 30 feet tall, weigh 60 tons, and are single pieces of granite!!!  (Virtually every column we’ve seen so far is made of pieces).  They were quarried in Egypt and brought by barge, ship, sledge, and whatever else they had.

We saw the amazing paintings on the ceiling of St. Ignatius’ church, with incredible perspective effects painted on totally flat ceilings.  It was too dark to take photos, but pictures are here:

Famous sculptor Bernini was asked to build a base for a Egyptian obelisk, and he thought it would be amusing to put it on the back of an elephant:

We saw a really big foot, the remnant of a really big statue:

(Uncle Phil will post a rude comment on this in 3, 2, 1…. NOW)

We got a great view of Rome from the top of the Castle (which is basically the Tower of London of Rome, just 1100 years older).

We saw a really big head, which maybe went with the foot:

We had snacks right under a 700-year-old fresco (of Emperor Hadrian forgiving people’s loans by burning their signed notes)

We saw a bust of a guy with no nose…. all together now…. “It’s Voldemort!”

Every car in Rome is tiny, and here’s why… you can park them sideways!

Anna really enjoyed seeing this 150-lb wheel of cheese (but she didn’t want to eat any)

Alex really enjoyed seeing  chocolate gelato (and he did want to eat it!)

Then on Monday we had a bad surprise (went all the way out to an ancient Roman town only to find that it’s closed on Mondays).  So we went to St. Peter’s and got a really good tour.   No photos allowed though.

We did see a pretty cool pyramid that was built in about 20  BC

And finally, for those of you loyal readers who remember the funny stickers that people put on street signs in Paris (early July)….    in Rome, the signs are “no Angels carrying large boards”

We had fun… hope you enjoyed the highlights. Good night!


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    It’s just too easy. I could write a hundred snide remarks (all of them witty) but it would be like taking gelato from Alex (or cheese from Anna–as long as it was in the shopping cart). Glad Dave found his shoe, though (since you insisted!). At least we now know how big Dave’s head would have to be if his ears and nose were proportioned correctly (sorry, I said I wouldn’t, but like I said, it’s just too easy!).

  2. John Beaver permalink

    Somehow I don’t think taking Gelato from Alex would be “easy.”
    Since you found statues of Dave, are you going to Brussels where they have that cute little statue of Phil ?

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