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When in Rome v2.0…. do what everyone else does

by on August 14, 2012

Another day of touristing.  We’re working to check off all the Top Ten Things to See in Rome.  I think everyone else in town has the same book… and all the guys who sell junk to the tourists are working from the same list too!

We went to the Trevi Fountain and threw our coins in for good luck.

Then we looked at a whole bunch of other tourists who were looking at water

Then we went to the Spanish Steps

… and we saw all the same people looking at steps

We haven’t mentioned this yet, but we’ve taken to enjoying an occasional lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe… nice to get a true American lunch, with hot dog, macaroni, BBQ sandwich, etc.  We did Barcelona and Florence, and now Rome

Fittingly, the Hard Rock is right across from the American Embassy. So we paid our respects

Then we went back to St. Peter’s to tour the museums.   We saw a Finger that came from a really really big statue  (nothing shows scale in the photo… it’s about the size of a 5-gallon bucket)

(Let’s all see what snarky comments Uncles Phil and John can come up with about this….)

Yesterday we wondered how they got the 60-ton columns from Egypt to Rome. Here’s a painting that shows exactly how… lots of rowing it seems

We saw the Sistine Chapel….

What?  You wanted to see the inside?   Well photos are strictly forbidden by roaming guards, but I managed to sneak one… that shows everyone who was at the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps this morning squeezing into the pretty small room

(Don’t tell Alex I took this picture… he gets very mad when I disregard rules)

That was our day.  Two random thoughts:

1)  I mentioned last week, that there’s no such thing as Hawaiian Pizza in Italy.  Anna was very happy to discover a nice restaurant tonight that had it.

2)  Perhaps the most incongruous thing we’ve seen the entire trip.  The Vatican has a pretty strict dress code… men’s and women’s shoulders and knees must be covered.  This is quite problematic for lots of tourists who discover this at the end of a 1-hour line in the afternoon heat and are not well dressed (butit’s quite lucrative for the guys selling cheap scarves).  Yesterday, behind a column inside the building, a woman and man had taken their shirts off and were switching shirts with each other, bare-chested. We couldn’t figure out why, but clearly it was something about dealing with the dress code.  I couldn’t get a picture (it would have been quite improper to blog it), but it just wierded us out that their way of not having shoulders covered was to be naked.   We expect the guards have seen much much worse though.

We’re off on a side trip to the pool and the beach in Sorrento, on the “Amalfi Coast” of Italy, for 3 days.  No computer, no blogging.  See you on Saturday.


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    I’ll let John go after the finger/toe statue–again, just too easy.
    However, if he needs some starter material (since you asked…):
    –looks like a toe–must be Dave’s…
    –looks like a finger–only nose I know that it fits is Dave’s…
    –you know what they say about guys with big fingers and toes–big gloves and shoes…
    Try it kids–see what you can come up with–it’s fun!

  2. John Beaver permalink

    Oh Phil. You missed it completely. It’s the middle finger and it’s pointing at you !!!

  3. Mmmmmm…… Hawaiian Pizza!!!!!!!

  4. Well, actually, I think it is could the remains of a stone carving of a monster that wanted to point his middle finger at you!!!!!!! Or he forgot how to navigate his crane dropped a wrecking ball on himself, and at the same time was an Italian driver that was not happen and Uncle Phil and Uncle John so he stuck his middle finger out. I think he also forgot to feed his pet crane.

  5. And dad, be glad mister I want the copyright renewed did not read this blog. お父さん、新たな著作権欲しいミスターこのブログ読んでいないうれしいです。Remember, they are Japanese.

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