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All Good Things Come to an End!

by on August 23, 2012

We’re home!  Tired, jet-lagged, hungry, facing a massive pile of mail (mostly Mitt Romney fundraising appeals), but home in our own beds.

So the best thing to do now is wrap it up with a summary.  The variety of the trip is best represented by the statistics:

63 days (1512 hours) together every minute
187 lbs of luggage

4 countries (plus Morocco)
6 apartments, 2 hotels, 1 hostel
2 overnight side trips
15+ day trips

4 planes
3 big ships
2 small boats
4 funiculars (look it up)
3 bullet trains
10+ low speed trains
1 rental car
1 purple 3-decker Knight Bus
1 horse carriage
Uncountable subways, buses, trams and taxis

12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (out of 962 worldwide)
1 Disneyland
1 water park

At least 100 restaurant visits of which 5 were Hard Rock Cafes and more than we want to admit were McDonalds
3 Apple Stores
6 relatives came to visit
At least 100 miles walked (probably more like 150)
4 pairs of shoes worn out
Too many Old Churches to count
1,100 pictures taken
51 blog posts
120 blog comments (mostly by snarky Uncles)
4 boxes of purchases shipped home (3 of which have arrived)
20+ gelatos each
2000+ steps climbed to tops of towers, domes, churches, etc.

Things that we’re really glad worked out well:

Every apartment worked out as planned
We didn’t miss any important transport connections
David and Renee’s backs, shoulders, necks and knees survived the rigors of the trip (we had some close calls)
Nobody got sick

Nobody was injured
We never got separated from a child in a busy train station (plenty of opportunities, but we were very careful)
No luggage was lost
Nothing was pickpocketed


Things that we wish we hadn’t lost:

2 hats
1 fan
2 swim goggles
1 tour book

Things that we really wish hadn’t happened (“bad surprises”)

Apartment in Elviria had no Wifi
Going out for day trip to Ostia Antica and it’s closed on Mondays
Arriving in Lucca at 11pm… hungry, seasick and grumpy
Getting stuck on broken train on track in hot sun for 30 min in Italy

Things that are better in Europe:

Cheap haircuts
Splenda tablets in a handy purse dispenser
Public transportation

Things that we’re going to be really happy for back home:

Mexican food
Our cars
Our favorite meals (made from favorite ingredients)
Big, hot showers
Big refrigerators
Big washing machine
Clothes dryer
Our favorite stuffed animals
Our friends and family
A little time to ourselves

Thank you to all our friends and family who kept up with us, encouraged us, entertained us and shared the experiences. See you around!



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  1. WOW!! Great way to sum it all up! Hope you guys enjoyed your trip! We’ll all be happy to have you back, though! See you at Orientation!

  2. John Beaver permalink

    Welcome Back !!!
    That is not a snarky comment, therefore Phil must be a snarky uncle.

  3. Uncle Phil permalink

    Welcome home–haven’t read for a few days–we just finished our road trip (and are now empty nesting!!).
    I noted John’s snarky comment above–suggesting that he posts snarky comments is an immediate self-fulfilling prophecy.

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