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What goes up, must come down

by on June 25, 2013

From Alex-

Today we made it to Istanbul International Airport. We were flying United from SFO to Newark, and Newark to Istanbul. Our first flight was on an Airbus A320. When we got to Newark, we spent about 5 minuets on the taxiway waiting for other planes to take off. We eventually got to our Istanbul flight, and figured out it was delayed by an hour. Our second flight was on a Boeing 767. When we got on, we figured out we had personal entertainment systems! Then, a flight attendant said “Welcome aboard United Airlines. We hope you enjoy your flight today. If you were on our last flight, please note that some flight attendants have been moved to another plane. The five of us left will try to give you the best service possible.”  They ignored us when handing out drinks, and weren’t smiling. When we got to Turkey, we paid €80.00 for visas. Then, we waited, what felt like hours, to get through customs. When we got to our apartment, we tried to nap and heard the “come to prayer” announcement. Overall, it was an interesting day.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Very interesting report Alex. I bet you liked the personal entertainment systems. Customs is never fun in any city!!! Early days of travel is filled with jet lag. I miss you guys a lot already. Have fun.

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