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The markets

by on June 27, 2013

From Anna (who was awakened at 4:30 am by the call to prayer and didn’t get back to sleep so played on her new iPad )

I’m really tired, so the post won’t be long.

Today mom made us go to the market. It was loud, crowded, and everyone was trying to get us to buy stuff. We ended up getting nothing (yay) and went to dinner instead. On the way to the market, there was a crazy roller bladist, who was rollerblading faster than a tram down the middle of the street. He freaked me out. After the tram ride to the market, a crazy motorcyclist jumped over the top of a hill, REALLY fast. Then after dinner was the craziest thing of the day. A taxi was reversing down the street at the pace of a normal car going forward. It was really scary, because after that we had to walk in front of that car. Overall, it was a lot of fun in the market.


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  1. Wow! Wish I was there at the market- it sounds really fun!

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