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by on June 28, 2013

Today, we went to the square where the protests were happening. There were a lot of policemen, including some with giant water cannon things and some in normal clothing. The weird thing was that there were no protesters. It was really boring, so we left there and went to climb a hill with a tower on top. The hill was so steep that the sidewalk was stairs. Mom’s leg hurt too much, so Alex, Dad and I climbed the hill to the Galata Tower while Mom waited at a cafe. At the top of the tower, we could see the Bosphorus, which had a oil plant platform moving down the river pulled by seven boats. The Turkish people are very proud of this hill, because of a myth. The myth from the hill was that a man climbed the tower and flew to Asia. He made artificial wings, and flew to Asia in the first transcontinental flight. I believe that the myth is probably not true, because the ratio from horizontal distance to vertical distance is 29-1, while gliders today have a ratio of something like 19-1. Since its unlikely that his wings were better than today’s best gliders, I don’t believe that it is true. Alex is going to submit this myth to the show Myth Busters busters To see if they will try to verify the myth. Then, we had lunch at the restaurant where mom was waiting, and I had a cheeseburger. On the way back. Mom’s leg hurt so much that we had to get a taxi and buy mom a pair of crutches. We then went to a stuffy, boring museum with old stuff. Overall, it was a boring day.



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  1. jill permalink

    hi – love reading about turkey – and can’t believe the giant pita bread !
    Renee, are you taking care of yourself? Let me know if you want me to mail any sort of assistive device to you (like one of those knee roller boards – or the one crutch which I used when I broke my foot (basically you put your knee on a platform, and still have one hand free – it works – although not sure that you could bend your knee and keep it on the crutch).

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