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by on June 28, 2013


Today, we went to Taksim Square. Even though nobody was protesting, police were everywhere. We took the tram, to the funicular, to Taksim. The police also had water cannons to blast anyone who was protesting. We went back down the funicular, after about 10 minutes.

We (Dad, Anna, and I) also went to the Turkish Museum of Archaeology. We saw many sarcophagi. Apparently, one farmer found many stolen ones from about 500 b.c. We also saw a metal head of a snake (from a statue near the Blue Mosque). This is what happened today.

P.S. Turkish people don’t know what crutches are. We had to draw a picture.

note from Renee:  Alex failed to explain WHY we were buying crutches.  As some of you know, I have a meniscal tear in my right knee.  I didn’t have time to do surgery before we left so the plan was a brace, lots of ROCK tape and hope for the best.  Well, this afternoon I was finding it difficult to walk and we had to take a taxi home from the Galata Tower.  I have had some email instructions from my wonderful chiropractor, Dr Justin, which David tried to follow and my knee still hurts, but less.  So I’m going to try the crutches for a few days to see if that speeds the healing process.  Clearly 6+ weeks wandering Europe on crutches is not what I had in mind — but I’m thinking of last summer when Ben navigated Paris on crutches in a big heavy cast – to keep my outlook positive!


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