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50 buildings, 1 cat and 3 lizards

by on June 29, 2013

By Anna:

Today, we went to Miniaturk. Miniaturk is a place with miniature versions of famous buildings in the Ottoman Empire… like Legoland without the Legos. It was fun. The only problems were that it was outside so it was hot, and mommy preferred to ride in a wheelchair. I liked the Temple of Artemis, and the buildings built into the sides of cliffs. At Miniaturk, we saw a lizard jump about three feet onto a bush, and I was surprised that lizards could jump so far.

A little bit later, we had dinner at a restaurant with a nice waiter who was a very good salesperson. At dinner, there was an adorable cat that was begging for food. Daddy wouldn’t give the cat food, but I gave it some carrots and a little piece of bread.

For dessert, we went to a really good place for the third day in a row. It is the third highest ranking place for food in Istanbul on Trip Advisor. The menu has forty seven pages of desserts, and pictures of every one. I had a raspberry cake, and Alex got a weird custard chocolate thing that had brown rice in it, but was still good. We ate all the dessert in less than 4 minutes.




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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Legoland without the legos would just be “land.”
    It looks like Miniaturk was more than just land.
    That doggie bag is looking better every day–I can’t wait until you bring it home.

  2. Yumm… the desserts sound delicious and it was nice of you to give the cat food, Anna!

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