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Rock concert at midnight (by Anna)

by on June 30, 2013

Two nights ago, there was a rock concert outside near our apartment. We stayed awake till about 2 am, and didn’t get much sleep.

Yesterday, we took a bus around Istanbul and across the Bosphorus to Asia. Being in Asia wasn’t very different from being in Europe but now we can say we’ve been there. It was fun, but it had a castle with a tunnel, and it was just like any other tunnel and castle I’ve been in.

In front of the tunnel, there was a bird that was being crazy. It seemed blind, because it flew right near the side of my head, and hit the wall. It finally found a hole in the wall to stay in. We went to the palace gardens,and there was a big forest of bamboo I really wanted to play in, but we were not allowed to.

After Asia, we rode the bus back to the spice market. it was noisy and smelly and crowded. we met a man who has a cousin in Palo Alto and he wanted to sell us caviar. We didn’t buy any caviar but he did give us some minty tea.

After dinner we of course had dessert. For dessert, we went to the place we’ve gone to for four nights in a row, and I got a mixed fruit cake. Alex got his favorite pudding, and daddy got rice pudding.

I am writing this in the morning, because my iPad ran out of battery last night when I was halfway through.


Here he are in Asia sitting on Asian stools.


Here is the bird in the hole.


Here we are in the tunnel.


Grandpa said he wanted a cat, so here is a large cat for grandpa.


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