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This Dinner’s on Fire V. 2.0

by on June 30, 2013

Alex- Today, we went on a bus tour of the Bosphorus. This tour was different than the boat, because we got to stop in Asia. Also, we were on an open-top double-decker bus. This tour was hop-on/hop-off (ho-ho), so we could stop at any “ho-ho” stop. Our first driver drove us in loops, trying to figure out how to get to Taksim Square (one of the ho-ho stops). Yes, that Taksim Square, the one that had all of the intense currently mellow protests. When we left Taksim Square, we headed in the direction of Asia. While crossing the Bosphorus Bridge, I felt unsafe due to the lack of suspension wires at both ends of the bridge. When we got to Asia, our bus got to a ho-ho stop, and parallel parked on a round-a-bout. We got off, and toured some castle gardens.


Bosphorus Bridge, taken from the bus

We decided not to go into the castle because we were going to another castle. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to see the other castle, so we did not get to see a castle today. The gardens were beautiful though. They had green grass, trees (some of the only ones in the city) and pathways to walk on. Also there were many fountains, made out of natural formations. It was amazing we were so close to a big city.


Anna (left) and Alex (right) standing in front of a fountain.

Then, we got back on the bus, and headed for the Egyptian Bazaar, where there were many spices. After, we ate lunch at McDonalds, and headed towards Sultanahamet (the neighborhood the apartment we were staying at is in) and Fatih, pronounced Fa-ty (the district that Sultanahamet is in).


For dinner, Anna and I had Chicken Penne (a lot better) and Mom and Dad had the Turkish pot again (I did not taste it, but Mom and Dad said it was good). We were not eating at the same restaurant as yesterday. After dinner, we went to the Supermarket and then to the pudding restaurant. I had chocolate pudding again, Dad had rice pudding, and Anna had mixed berry pudding (she had been trying for Strawberry for the past 4 days, but never got it due to less supply than demand).


Dinner on fire!!!!!!! Turks celebrate bonfire everyday.

Alas, it is time to say goodbye. Today was very interesting and I had fun. I end this post while listening to prayer calls, and thunder storms. Being on floor 3(US) 2(EU) is very interesting during a thunderstorm.


I hope you aren’t going through insane heat waves right now. I hear it is very hot.


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  1. Olivia permalink

    Hi guys!

    Looks like you are having lots of fun and trying new things.
    Thanks for keeping us updated, we love to read your blog.
    Have a great rest of your summer and I look forward to reading future posts!



  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    Funny name for a bus!
    Again, please stamp out the Turkish Pot before putting it in my doggie bag!
    (You can pass on including the McD’s leftovers in the bag, though.)

  3. Uncle Eric permalink

    Alex, the pudding restaurant sounds unique! You are right, we are incinerating here in CA. It’s supposed to be 108 in Walnut Creek today.

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