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The evil eye

by on July 1, 2013

From Anna:

Today, we learned about the evil eye. The evil eye is jealousy, or envy. It is warded off with a symbol that is a blue eye. Another symbol is a hand, which has the same purpose. I really liked the blue eye symbol so I bought a necklace with one.

We also saw a building on fire. When we went by in the morning, it was a normal building, but we heard a lot of fire engines, and when we went by at the end of the day, it was burned partway down.

We saw two really cool fountains, one that you can walk around the outside, the other is a waterfall like thing that I really liked.

We walked along the old wall of the city, and for part of it Daddy, Alex, and I walked on top of the wall.

It was a really fun day.


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Anna’s and Alex’s posts are almost annagrams!

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