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We become “Flying Turkeys”

by on July 2, 2013

Alex- Today, we flew to Kusadasi. First, we went to IST (Istanbul Ataturk Airport). We had to go through security(with our checked luggage) to get to the terminal. Then we checked our checked luggage, and then went through security again. We had to show our passports on a domestic flight!!!! On our flight to Istanbul, we flew UNITED, but now we regret it. When we got on the plane, we figured out it was a 737-800 (the latest model). Then, we walked to our seats and figured out that our flight had personal entertainment! On the runway, I watched part of Despicable Me. Unfortunately, the flight attendants shut-off the entertainment systems (by turn off, I mean turned it to an image that said “Turkish Airlines, a member of Star Alliance”), and forgot to turn them back on. We noticed that they had forgotten to turn them back on right when we heard the announcement (they did play it in English) “We are about to land. Please put your tray tables and seats in the upright positions. Please open your windows, and stow your luggage. Turkish Airlines and our Star Alliance partners thank you for choosing us today.”

     When we got to the airport, we got our luggage and waited for our shuttle. We could not find the sign, so we called the company, and they said that he was outside. We exited and could not find him, so dad went to look for him. Right as dad left, our driver walked up to us. He drove us to Kusadasi, and we went to our hotel. Anna decided to go to the beach, so we did. After the beach, we took a taxi back to our hotel, changed into regular clothes, and went for dinner. I had lasagna, and it was good. Anna and I both had “small” ice creams. They were 4 scoops each. We got on the mini bus and went back to the hotel. This is what happened to us today.


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One Comment
  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Every time Uncle John gets on a plane, he becomes a flying turkey.
    Also a flying smarmy git.

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