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by on July 4, 2013

Alex- Yesterday, we went to Ephesus, an Ancient Greek town. We took an English guided tour from Meander Travel. The ruins were found by archaeologists, and they have only dug up 1/3 of the city. Though built by Greeks, Rome invaded what is now Turkey in the early ages of this city. Many inscriptions were Greek, due to 95% of residents being Greek. Many cruise people were here, including Princess Cruise buses, and 53 Costa Cruise (a division of Carnival) buses!


Many tourists were at Ephesus. Columns are on either side.

There were many statues and buildings found at Ephesus. One statue was of Alexander from Alexandria. Another statue was of Nike the winged goddess. Out guide was very unhappy about an American Corporation trademarking that name. There also were homes, and WCs (Water Closets), also known as holes with draining (some places in France haven’t improved much). There also were theaters and stadiums. The theater was so large, before excavations, they could see 1/3 of it poking out of the ground.


Statue of Alexander from Alexandria (the one without the head) next to Alexander from Portola Valley (the one with the head)

Another building was the Library. The library has gone through some “rebuilding” (putting the stones back together), so it looks the most impressive.


Mom, Ana and I with the library

These were just a few of the many things we saw at Ephesus. It was a fun, but hot day.

P.S. I found a YouTube video of the Blue Mosque Call To Prayer. Click here to hear it. It may be hard to hear, so turn up your volume all the way up.


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  1. Sorry for the heat waves. Wonderful weather here in Turkey. -Alex

    Hope you have a wonder 4th of July everyone! -Alex

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    Happy 4th!
    Did you ask the guide why these knuckleheads named their goddess of victory after a running shoe?

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    I have the same Ephesus photos. Personally if you’ve seen one ruin you’ve seen ’em all !

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