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Hats off!

by on July 6, 2013

We have very weak Internet connection here on an island in Greece, so don’t expect much posting for a few days. Here’s a travelogue from Alex:

Alex- Today, we sailed to Greece. We sailed on a ship called the Meander Express. The Meander Express was a very small ship. First, we left port. At port, we saw a Silverseas cruise ship. After a little while, Dad and I went outside to see the water. We climbed up a little ladder to get to the second floor. We got to see all 4 drivers drive the ship. When we got back to our “benches”, we saw two young Turkish people talking to Mom. One was male and one was female. Mom and Dad talked to them about Turkish politics and becoming entrepreneurs. (as they owned their own businesses). We talked about how police (polis) had been putting pepper spray in the water cannons. We got to port, and disembarked. When we got to Samos, we realised that our hotel was a block away from the port we went to. All of the people entering the hotel were on the Meander. This is what happened today.


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