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It’s Greek to me (by Alex)

by on July 8, 2013

Alex- Over the past two days, we went to Samos. The day after we arrived (our 2nd day), we went to many ruins. The first one was the Temple of Hera (Hearion). It had one pillar and lots of stones. One stone looked like one of the blocks in my Quadrilla Marble Run game.
After that, we walked in an underground aqueduct that was carved by hand in 500 BC. First, we walked down 10-20 steps in this narrow passage. Then we walked 940/1000 meters along the tunnel. The aqueduct had many lights, lighting the way. Even though there were lights, it still was scary being in an aqueduct.

After a siesta we went to Endless Beach. Like the name suggests, the beach was an endless pile of rocks that led into the water. We skipped some stones, and had dinner.
We had dinner at a “taverna”. A taverna is a restaurant that serves small portions. Anna and I had spaghetti, and Mom and Dad had grilled fish, fried eggplant, and tomatoes. Mom usually says that healthy food is “close to the farm”. The restaurant grew the eggplant, tomatoes, etc. so we were 20 feet from the farm. For dessert, Mom and Dad had yogurt with honey (with Samos Honey, great), I had a very large ice cream cone, and Anna had a Snickers Ice cream.

The second day, we went to a waterfall on Samos near Karlovassi. We did a 1.5 kilometer hike (each way) in a forest, crossing wooden bridges, to get to the “swimming point”. The “swimming point” was the place where you started swimming to the waterfall. Anna, Dad, and I swam. When we got to the waterfall, we figured out that we had swum in really cold water to see a very small waterfall. The waterfall started from about 3 feet from the top of the creek’s water. Anna and I swum underneath the waterfall. I think it was kind of cool to see a waterfall.

We also went to Psili Ammos (Greek for “sandy beach”). There were two Psili Ammosses on Samos, the other beaches are all rocky like Endless Beach. Somehow, all of the sand got to those two places. The sand was so really fine there, some got stuck in our bathing suits.

Today, we flew to Athens. We were flying on this Olympic Air turboprop. Unfortunately, we were under the wing. I actually think that the noise wasn’t too bad.

After takeoff, I saw the wheels go up right outside my window. We flew over many islands, and then landed. I saw the wheels go down, and then saw the wheels start spinning when they touched the ground. We got out, left the gate, went to the McDonalds (for lunch), and then got on the metro. We got to our apartment and it turned out to be 3 blocks from the metro stop.

P.S. Our hotel in Samos had horrible Internet access. In the lift (elevator), there was a sign saying “WIFI Internet Access Zone”. I think what they meant was you can only use the Internet in the lift.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Alex, This is a very well written piece. You have me in stitches laughing about the WIFI internet access in the elevator. Nice pictures to go with the narration. I especially enjoyed the block and the aqueduct.

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    So it seems like you walked a little less than a meter down the tunnel. (I did the math and it came out to .94 meters).
    Just a little guidance on the doggie bag you’re putting together: Eggplant: not really. Fish: not so much. Yogurt: pass. Honey (see comment under Anna’s post). Ice cream: getting better all the time. Snickers Ice Cream: Score! Oh, and you can bring back some of your mom’s OJ as well!

  3. P.S. The propellers were turning at full speed when we took the picture.

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