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Mosquitos (by Anna)

by on July 8, 2013

A few days ago, we hiked to see the only waterfall on Samos. We had to wade through deep water to reach the waterfall. It was fun, cold and wet. It was a small waterfall, and we had to swim to get to it. On the way tithe waterfall we passed a monastery that was very smelly with burning stuff.

We also went to the temple of Hera. It was boring and hot and would have looked prettier standing up, but now it looks like another version of Pompeii.


For breakfast we had yogurt with Samos honey every single day. We liked it so much that Mommy wanted to bring some home (the honey, not the yogurt), but it would break.

We had we had ice cream after dinner a few nights ago, and I had a giant Snickers bar.


We wanted to go to a special beach which is the only one with sand, but on the first time we got lost and went to a rocky beach. Daddy taught me how to skip stones. Then we went to a really good dinner place by accident. So when we found the sandy beach the next day, we still went and had dinner at the same place. I had spaghetti the first night, and meatballs the second night, but the spaghetti was better by a lot.

Today we went to Athens. It was like the back parts of London, or the streets of Paris. We flew on a turbojet, and I got plane sick. Then we went to the supermarket. It was big, and way nicer than the one we had in Istanbul. Halfway throughout dinner, we had to move inside because there was too many mosquitos and I got bitten 9 times. After dinner, Daddy got mosquito medicine for me and I’m getting better and not as itching them as much as I used to.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Well Anna…most of this journey does not sound like it was too enjoyable. Some good parts and some not so good moments. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    Looking forward to that doggie bag more every day!

  3. Anita permalink

    What a cool temple!

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