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It’s all in the UK (by Alex)

by on July 9, 2013

Today, we went to the Acropolis Museum. There were glass floors, so you could see the ruins of the old town below your feet, but also dots on the glass to let your eye see that there was a floor or else it would have been scary. The glass floors were outside and inside. When we got inside, we immediately went to an open ticket desk. One question the lady at the counter asked was “What country are you from?” We answered “The United States”, and asked her if there were many Americans at the museum. The lady said that there were more Americans than Greeks, so we thought that maybe many Americans came on cruises and visited the Acropolis Museum.  We haven’t seen very many Americans on the streets.

All of the artifacts in the museum were from the Acropolis. There were many “parts” of the statues on the Parthenon in the museum. Actually, most of the real things from the Parthenon were “permanently borrowed without asking” by the British. The British sent many archaeologists into the site and the British archaeologists made molds for the Greeks and kept the real ones for themselves.

All of the marble statues have lost their color, but artists have painted similar statues to how they think the originals were painted, and they are very colorful. The artifacts were from many different Parthenons. The first one’s wooden roof burned in a fire. The second one was attacked by the Persians. The third was attacked by the Christians. The fourth one was blown up by gun powder, that was stored for the Ottomans’ fort. This one is under reconstruction today.

After going to the museum we hiked up stairs to the Acropolis. There were many temples. One had its roof held by 6 pillars that look like maidens. 5 are at the Acropolis Museum, and the 6th is at the British. All of the temples were made out of marble, and putting them back together is a very hard 3D jigsaw puzzle. In the Parthenon, there used to be a statue of Athena (the goddess of a lot of things), but it disappeared a long time ago. Because the hill was high, we had a great view. Unfortunately though, it was a long walk. It was cool seeing the temples.

P.S. We took a tour of the city on the Happy Train (a rubber tire, petroleum powered train that goes on the road)

P.P.S We went to Hard Rock!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Hard Rock?? Really?? Aren’t you in Athens?
    I hope you at least had feta on your burger!

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    I love pictures just as much as Anna loves pie.

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