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The Parthenon (by Anna)

by on July 9, 2013

Today was our first full day in Athens, and of course we did all the big sights.

We rode a train called the Happy Train and it showed us all the big sights from the train.

We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.   It was fun, and Alex and I had macaroni and cheese.  It has become our favorite place in all the big cities to get normal food.  Alex and I each got a t shirt to add to our collection.

I really liked the Museum of the Acropolis. It was shaped really creatively, and was really big and air conditioned.  We learned all about the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

After we learned about the Acropolis , we walked up the hill to the top where we saw the Parthenon and other temples. I liked the temple  that had a  porch held up by six maiden statues.  The Acropolis had none of the stone statues, because the British took some and the rest were put in the Acropolis  museum.  Mommy and I rode the special elevator down,and it was scary. The elevator was a construction elevator, with no real doors, and rattled the whole way down the side of the hill. I liked the elevator afterwards, but during it I was scared and held on really tight to the handrail.

It was a tiring day, and now we are all going to bed.


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One Comment
  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    I hope it was at least macaroni and goat cheese!
    No need to bring any Hard Rock food back in my doggie bag.

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