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All Around Athens (Renee)

by on July 10, 2013


We have been all around Athens and have seen many things involving “old rocks”. There are lots of things we like about Athens. (the food, the easy to use transportation system, great grocery stores, availability of pork products, fab new Museum of the Acropolis, our super nice apartment, etc) However one thing I’ve been disappointed with is the amount of graffiti in this town — it is EVERYWHERE.


I’m not sure why the Greek government couldn’t put some of the unemployed young people to work picking up garbage and cleaning graffiti – it would clearly help their unemployment rate AND impress visitors too!


Here is Alex (gold) and Anna (silver) and David (bronze) in the Panathinako Stadium, which is a very important place within the Olympics. This is were the Olympic flame starts its road to the host city and where the Marathon ends when Athens hosts the Olympics.  In Greece, the Marathon is the most popular event of the entire games.



Underneath the Stadium is the Greek Olympic Committee showrooms, where you can see Olympic Torches from all past games as well as the official Olympic posters. I did ask where the Olympic Flame was, and learned that it is lit using the rays of the sun in Olympia before coming here to start the journey to the host country.


And in our continuing quest to reach the highest point in every town we visit…we climbed about a million stairs to reach the beginning of the funicular to ride to the top (that little white church you see on top).  I’m sad to report that the Chapel of Saint George Bell Tower was in fact covered with graffiti.

Tomorrow we probably won’t be able to post as we are doing an overnight trip to Mycenae.  Aunt Ginny warned us that there wasn’t a lot to see in Athens — and we’ve seen almost all of it – so we are looking forward to getting out of town (where we will see more old rocks and some wonderful beaches too).



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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    I don’t understand any of this–it’s all Greek to me.

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Nice photos. The graffiti must be a more recent touch to the city…makes it more like NY in the 90’s.

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