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Doughnuts (by Anna)

by on July 10, 2013

Today, we saw the Olympic stadium. It was really big, hot, and had no real grass. It was built on the place where a Greek and Roman stadium was built, but was only 100 years old. I liked the cave that the Olympians walked through and seeing all the torches with the place they were from. My favorite ones were the Sydney and Beijing. It was fun, but unlike Alex and Daddy, I did not run a lap of the stadium, because it was too hot.

Today we also went shopping. It was not the most fun place, but I got a shirt with PI on it and my name in Greek below it. Mommy looked in a billion jewelry stores, and they all looked the same to me. We got really good frozen yogurt, and that made it better. Then we took the train home.

The best part of the day was doughnuts. We went to a place recommended by the person who owns the apartment we are renting. We got chocolate doughnuts and honey doughnuts. I liked the chocolate with vanilla ice cream, but Mommy liked the honey with vanilla more. It was a fun day.



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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    (Continued under Alex’s post)

  2. Anita permalink

    Anna, my grandma in India (“big Shalini”) would be with you on your thoughts that donuts are the best thing in the world sometimes. And much more fun than running in the heat!

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Ahh donuts…the simple pleasures are so much more enjoyable in the heat. Chocolate in any land is good to me.

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