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Mycenea (by Anna)

by on July 12, 2013

Yesterday, we saw the oldest bridge in the world. It was a big pile of rocks, but it was fun.

I liked going to the hotel in Nafplio, because there was part of the hill in our room! The rock was behind the bed, and next to the shower. It was really big, and painted yellow and orangish. The rock was in the room because there is a rule there that says that people are not allowed to cut into the hillside when they build buildings. Here is a picture of me sitting on the rock in the bedroom. The hotel was very new, and there was only seven rooms. We had a really good breakfast with a lot of pastries.


Today we went to Mycenea. Mycenea is the place where Helen of Troy lived before she was Helen of Troy.


There was an awesome cistern that was really dark and muddy, but we got to the bottom after 99 steps.


After that we went to Corinth canal. We watched a big ship come in then drove further down the canal to see it go under a bridge.


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Sounds like you had an awesome time in your cenea.
    Up to this point, I wasn’t aware you had one!

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    These are the most amazing photos…love the hill in the room. Brings new meaning to bring the outdoors in!!! Anna and Alex look like they are having a grand time. Missed saying that about the Grand Baaaaaaaaaazaar.

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