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Fun side trip (by David)

by on July 13, 2013

Every time we do a side trip to a small town outside the big city, Renee and I become more sure that we like side trips more than big cities.  We could have stayed another 2 or 3 days on this one and had fun, but the logistics (e.g. laundry) were too complicated.

The kids’ posts cover this one pretty nicely. For me it was just incredible to be in Mycenea… of all the “old rocks” we’ve seen, these were the most famous.  This is what Homer wrote about:  Paris spirited Helen away to Troy, from here.  Hercules and Agammemnon walked through these gates. Too cool.

One more day in Athens, then we get to learn yet another language, try new food, and figure out yet another subway system, in Munich.  See you there!

A few PS:

– You can perhaps see it in the photos… Anna and Alex are getting along just fantastically, and that really helps make the trip nice. Yesterday they giggled to silly jokes all the way back in the car ride. (What is  a Nyan Cat, anyway???)

– We’re having much better luck managing Alex’s food/mood issues than last year, and that’s making things a lot easier for all of us. A Power Bar every day at 10:45 am seems to do the job.

– We’re struck by how friendly the Greek people are.  People we ask for directions want to learn where we’re from and talk about Joe Montana and the 49ers; people on the subway are very insistent to give up their seat for Renee when they see her crutch; etc.   Even the guy who helped us get out of a tight spot on our trip (see Alex’s post) gave us directions after I drove on his front door step.  Everyone has been super nice.

And… given that I’ve been trying to add that last paragraph for about 3 hours….

– I can handle slow Internet connection, and even NO connection, but a flaky connection that works on/off makes me want to SCREAM!


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Tecchies and geeks whining about internet connections makes me want to scream.

  2. Chris Marter permalink

    When in Munich, you must go to the Deutsches Museum (technology). Cars, planes, trains, etc. including one of four Mercedes-Benz W196Rs like the one that just sold for $30 million. Also a real U boat–look for the periscope!

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    The subway is a piece of cake to learn in Germany.

  4. رحلة الجانب المرح والصخور القديمة، وأكثر ما يمكن أن تريد صبي عشر عاما؟ -اليكس

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