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Willkommen in München, von BMW und Lufthansa Airlines (by Alex)

by on July 14, 2013

Today, we flew to Munich, Germany. We booked our flight with Aegean, but of course, they being a code share, said that Lufthansa has the ticket number. When we got to the airport, we walked to the Star Alliance Check In Kiosk (Terminal B was Aegean and other Star Alliance members, Terminal A was Olympic and all other airlines). Lufthansa, being Lufthansa, said that our ticket number was invalid. Then we asked the man to help us, and he entered in our correct ticket number. We got all checked in, when Lufthansa being Lufthansa again, said that we had been moved to an earlier flight (somehow, the “earlier flight” was the one we were originally going to be on). We get lunch at a stand, sit down, and I wonder where security is. Of course, they have 5 metal detectors just for gates B 6-11. We get on the plane, and it was more like United Express to Birmingham, Alabama from Denver than international. A 1 hour flight inside Turkey, has better customer service than a 2 hour flight internationally, weird. At least the honey bread was good. So anyways, we landed at Munich, and go to baggage claim. Dad and I decide to go to the restroom. Only in Germany do they have touchscreen displays in the bathroom asking how your visit to the toilet was. Your choices were 🙂 😐 😦. When we got back to the claim, I saw posters, screens, and beyond advertising Lufthansa (who literally occupied the airport) and BMW (the only major car company based and manufactured in Munich). Dad thought that the bags took too long to go to the claim, so he went to talk to the Lufthansa Baggage Center, to see if we should be worried. A lady said in a very strong German accent, “It usually takes about half an hour for the bags to get to the carousel.” Of course, when Dad gets back, the bags come out. We follow the signs to “Train/Eisenbahn”. Showing how much Lufthansa ruled the airport, the buses to/from the airport were called the “Lufthansa Airport Shuttle”. We took the train to our apartment.


When we had dinner, we were able to get a bean and rice burrito! It was good. They gave us some chewy candy. Forgetting that I had a loose tooth, I started chewing. I felt a hole in my mouth that I didn’t remember feeling before, and I felt a hard spot. I took out the “hard spot”, and it was a tooth!


I spit out the rest of the gum. I had some paper towels in my mouth, and we ended up having frozen yogurt. This is what happened today.


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  1. In America we call American SUVS limos (not the Caddilacs) in Germany, they call MB E and S class taxis. 👅

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Alex, this is the kind of detail I would like regarding the BMW tour! A thorough report.

    I miss you and Anna a lot. Glad you are having some memorable moments – air travel is always a challenge and adding in a different language and customs makes it all the more enjoyable. Not!

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