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Cuckoo Clock (by Alex)

by on July 16, 2013

Today, we went to Schloss Nymphenburg. Schloss Nymphenburg is a palace that was the summer house of the royal family. When we entered, we got tickets, put our bags in the lockers, and got audio guides. Then, we walked up some stairs to the “main room”. The main room is where all of the corridors connected. From there, you could walk to any room on the 1st floor.


We walked around, saw some rooms, saw the Queen’s bedroom, saw art galleries, and some more rooms. Most of the rooms were showing what furniture you could get in Paris. Then we walked out to the garden. For those of you who have been to castles in the UK, you know that they are very natural, curving pathways, tunnels made of trees, etc. This is more straight paths, fountain in the middle forming a round-a-bout. There was a branch of the garden though, that looked like a forest.

We also went to the Deutsches Museum. The Deutsches Museum is Germany’s version of the Smithsonian. There were many exhibits. We started off with the Ship Part. We saw boats from Venice, sailing ships, and even models of ships from Germany’s #1 cruise ship maker, Meyer Werft (stay tuned for more info on them next week).


Then we walked into the Aviation Part. There were many types of planes. Gliders, props, 707s, 727s, ect. In the back right, there were models of airplanes. They were, in order from right to left: Lufthansa-707, Lufthansa-727, Lufthansa-A300, Air France-Concord, Lufthansa-747. We also got to enter a Lufthansa-727. We walked around a bit and saw a pendulum.

We rode a very fast lift to the 3rd floor (we were on floor 0), and saw the Telecommunications section. First, there was a green screen with a video camera pointing towards it, and a screen to show what was coming from the camera. It was like you were a weather person.

Here we are trying to touch each others’ hands while looking into the monitor. It’s hard!


Then we looked at some old cell phones, and ran into the tunnel section. They had models of different trains, EuroStar, SNCF-TGV, EU-TGV, etc. We looked at the “nano” section, and saw a wave electricity maker.

We walked back towards the fast lift and saw a model train “stage” where trains ran around the tracks. One train had a webcam attached to it, and was showing footage on screens. Some of the trains had derailed, and almost all of the cows had fallen over, so we decided to leave (the trains were inoperative).

At the end of the day, we saw Despicable Me 2 (in English!) . I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say that it was a good movie.


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  1. I say taking an airplane to see a bunch of nymphs is rather despicable !!!

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    There’s a good reason I haven’t been responding to these new posts–with all the talk of Despicable Me, the Hard Rock Cafe, and the Apple store, I figured you guys were back in the USA!
    Alex, I wish you hadn’t said that Despicable Me 2 was a good movie–that completely spoiled it.

  3. Virginia M Turezyn permalink

    Did you see 2 or #3, the new one? I’m sure you loved all the museums today.

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