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Sky High (by Alex)

by on July 17, 2013

Today, we went to Olympic Park. We started off by visiting the stadium. There were very comfortable green seats, that when from far away, looked like the grass hills in the park. One reason for this is that the seats weren’t all the same shade of green.


There were LED screens, added on after the ’72 Olympics. Anna zip-lined across the stadium, she will tell you about that.   The zip line started at the bottom of the big light post on the roof in the picture.

Then, we had lunch. Lunch was at the Olympic Tower, at a rotating restaurant (this was because it was Anna’s birthday!!!). We took a lift to the restaurant, got off, and asked to be seated. We got on to the rotating part, and went to our seat. Anna and I sat at the windows, Dad and Mom sat at the inner part. We looked at the city as we were rotating around, looked up at the signs describing the sights, and looked out some more. We had lunch, as we rotated around. Also, we had Diet Coke, that was really expensive, relative to the size. Eventually, we got a little motion sick from the movement. I had to stand at the non-moving area to stop getting motion sick. I ended up sitting, even further inside the area, and did not get sick. We ended up having the “Fancy Cake” in celebration of Anna’s birthday.

After that, we walked up a rubble mountain (made of chunks of concrete and other stones that had grass planted on it).


We walked back down, and Anna and I tried the “Hamster Balls”, as Anna and I call them. They are inflatable, clear balls that you get in, and try to walk (on the lake/river/pool). It is almost impossible to stand up in it, much less, drive it. The balls were attached to ropes, so they could pull you in after your 5 minutes.


Later, we went to the Olympic Pool. First, we swam in the pool. Then, we did some diving off of the spring boards. After the spring boards were closed down, so the platforms could be used, we went back into the pool. I swam a lap of breast stroke. We eventually got back on the diving boards. I did the 1 and 3 meter ones. Jumping off the 3 meter board hurts when you land in the water!


We got on the train to head home. We had dinner at the Lowenbrau Beer Garden. We had a good meal of weinerschnitzel, sauerkraut and sausages…. very German!. We also had Apple Strudel for dessert (the 4th time we had dessert today.. lots of birthday cake!).

This is what we did today.

P.S. To learn about the “goat” thing that Daddy is doing, click here to watch a video. People edit videos of popular songs and replace some of the video with pictures of a goat.





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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Happy birthday to Anna,
    Happy birthday to Anna,
    Kinda like that?
    I read Anna’s post first, and I said I didn’t believe those were really “hamster” balls, but the pics here are much more clear, so now I’m convinced.
    You’d be surprised, but jumping off the 3m board hurts a lot more when you DON’T land in the water.
    Just sayin’!

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