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Gutte Fahrt! (by Alex)

by on July 19, 2013

Today, we went to Hohenschwangau to see Neuschwanstein, the famous castle. We decided it’s like the Leaning Tower of Pisa of Germany… all the tourists go there.

We started by driving to Neuschwanstein. We even got to take the Autobahn. Average speed limits (where posted), were 80-120 kmh (80 being in dense metropolitan areas). Then we had lunch at McDonalds, the only open restaurant on our driving path. We drove along “the romantic road” and got to Neuschwanstein. We parked, and went to get on a horse carriage.


We did not get tickets to go in because it would have been in four hours and all the tour guides say that the inside isn’t that great and the outside is the big deal. We rode to almost the castle, though we had to walk a little bit. The exterior of the castle looked underwhelming compared to other castles we’ve been to.

Pretty soon after seeing the castle, we walked up to “the bridge”. The bridge was a very good photo spot. It was almost impossible to get on the bridge because there were so many people on it. We ended up getting some good pics though.



We took the bus back down. When we left the parking lot, the machine said Gutte Fahrt (we don’t know what it means, I will explain why later in the post, but we all thought it sounded funny).

We went to a small town in the middle of cow pastures, and everything smelled like stinky methane because cows are very good methane creators! On the way to the restaurant, we saw a parade of cows cross the road.


Dinner was at a good German restaurant (the bathrooms smelled like fresh methane, yum!!!) but the Apple Strudel and Schnitzel were very good.


We drove back to our apartment. When we got upstairs, something smelled weird. It turned out that we had left on the oven all day. The internet wasn’t working either (this is why we can’t do Gutte Fahrt translation).

The internet is up now and Gutte Fahrt means “have a good ride”. But it sounds funnier than that.

This is what happened today.


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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Wasn’t aware there was any other kind!

    • (Alex said) of what, fahrts??? (Yes, Gute does translate to good). Gute Fahrt is “good ride”. we saw signs saying ausfahrt (exit).

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    Of course. Never known a fahrt that wasn’t gute.

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Who takes a picture of the horse carriage without the horses!!! Ausfahrt threw me off in Germany too when I saw it at every exit…duh!

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