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Put the pedal to the metal (by David)

by on July 19, 2013

Today was my first time driving on the unlimited-speed Autobahn. Quite stressful!  Trying hard to go 80 and stick with the traffic flow, when you come up behind a truck going 60, but behind you in the fast lane is a stream of BMWs and Audis doing at least 120 (maybe 140?).  Have to make a quick decision… hit the truck, or get hit by the BMWs?   No opportunity to relax… two hands on the wheel and stay focused all the time.

Everyone who was taking pictures of the glockenspiel on Tuesday, was on the bridge at Neuschwanstein today taking pictures



…. except Daddy, who stayed back at the beginning of the bridge. Daddy doesn’t like skinny bridges over a deep gorge swaying with tourists



We enjoyed this standoff in the road…. low tech vs high tech.   It took a few minutes but the Ferrari driver finally decided to back up.






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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    I thought I recogGOATnized some of the people on the bridge picGOATture from the pictures of the GlockCOWenspiel earlier.

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    This is like re-visiting some of my journeys in Germany…love the bridge! It’s way up there and not so sturdy.

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