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Surfers (by Anna)

by on July 19, 2013

Yesterday, we saw some surfers.


We were in the middle of a big city, and there is a river that has a place that people can surf! It was fun to watch, but there was a small problem called the rental car. We got up early but when we got to the place, the car wasn’t going to be ready until 10:00 when we had reserved it for. So we went to see the surfers, and were going to get a bus back. Well, the bus never came, so we were going to take a taxi, then there were no taxis. So we took the tram. The tram was a long wait, but we finally got to the rental car place. After that, we drove to Neuschwanstein, and had a lot of fun for the rest of the day.

We took some nice pictures by a pretty lake:



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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Please ask your dad to take the pictures himself. That way you’ll get better lighting, composition, framing, depth of field, and plus, he won’t be in them!

  2. Anna, It was a 3 min. wait for the tram. You should also add in what New Schwanstine is.

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Ah. They know how to take the reservation…just not open to enable you to partake in the vehicle.

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