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Frames, lanes, and automobiles (by Alex)

by on July 20, 2013

(BMW wouldn’t let us take any photos in the BMW factory which would have been the best part!)

Yesterday, we went to the BMW (Bavarian Motor Works, or in Deutsche, BMV, Bavarian Motor Verks) factory, welt, and museum.

We started off by going to BMW Welt, or “BMW World”. Welt is a place where you get your cars if you ordered them directly from the factory, start off your factory tour, sit in BMWs, see concept cars, watch people ride on motorcycles, etc. We looked in the store, had a snack, looked and sat in BMWs, and headed for our tour of the factory.

The Munich factory makes the 3 series, 3 series touring, and is doing pre-release manufacturing of the 4 series coupe, to get them into dealers before the release date. We entered a room, watched a movie about the history of BMW, got our audio headphones, and left for the factory. The first room was the press room. The press room is where BMW makes the parts for the bodies of the cars. It was quite loud, and there were a lot of machines. Then, we walked into the welding room. This is where the bottom parts of the vehicle are welded together. Then we walked through the marriage room. This room is where the body parts of special steel that absorbs energy, is glued with special glue that absorbs energy, to another body part that is made out of the fancy steel. Then, they are welded together. After having the car body built, the car goes to the paint room. First, it tumbles through a liquid that reapplies a special chemical, originally put in the steel, that makes the steel not scratch as easily. This chemical has a side effect of making the car green. So then they paint the car. The first layer is either light or dark. All of the paints are positively charged, so they attach instantly, and the car only takes what it needs. The 1st layer is to hide scratches. The 2nd layer is your choice of over 120 colors. The third layer is a glossy coat, that protects the car’s paint, and makes your car’s color shiner. The door, front and rear trunks, etc. are also painted the same color as layer 2.

Next, we got to see the engine factory. BMW Munich supplies engines to many BMW manufacturing plants.The Munich factory builds in regular, turbocharged, and M: V3, V6, V8, V12.

Lastly, we got to see the finished cars testing. They put the cars through a series of tests, to make sure that they work correctly, even though there are good quality checks after every room. It was an amazing tour and it was interesting to learn about BMW (Did you know that BMW Munich can not expand because it is in downtown?).

Then, we had lunch in Olympic Park.

We then did the BMW museum. We got to see an Isetta open!


We did the driving simulators, and left to see jousting.

The jousting tournament was more like a show in an arena. Basically, the kingdom got turned over to the bad people, and the prince was trying to get the kingdom back. So they jousted. it ended like expected… the good guys won.


This is what happened yesterday.






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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Surprised that there was no mention of the Beemer that you picked up for my doggie bag.
    Thanks for doing that, though.

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Very interesting…no photos in the factory. You can surprise me with the BMW you chose for me. I don’t mind waiting for it for a few more weeks! I did give you some spending money….

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