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Jane, the British Cow (by Alex)

by on July 22, 2013

Today, we visited a salt mine in Hallstatt. We took a steep funicular up the mountain.


We took the “Panoramic Lift” to a restaurant that had a “UNESCO World Heritage View” over the lake and the Alps.


We had lunch, then walked up to the mine. When we got to the Mine Tour entrance, we got in these suits that protected our clothes.


The mine entrance was small. There was enough room for 1 narrow gauge track, and it was small enough for me to almost have to duck.


We eventually got to a space big enough for Dad to stand in, and 2 narrow gauge tracks. We looked at what the mines looked like.

Then, we took a slide down a level. Slides were used to make easy transportation between levels. You lifted up your feet, pushed your self, and went down the slide. We looked at some more salt, and got to take one of Europe’s largest slides. At the end, it took your picture and looked at your speed via radar. I got 28,6 km/h. Our guide got 36,8 km/h and said that it was one of his slower rounds. Apparently some of his colleagues can fly through the exit gate, even though there is some carpet to slow you down. I really liked doing the slides.


We saw some videos, tasted some salt water, walked through a tunnel that Dad had to almost curl up in a ball to get through (I had to duck), and we rode on a mine train. We straddled a piece of wood, with wood on both sides where feet go. The train went really fast, and it was cold. I also really liked the train.


Once we got outside, we got off.

At about 16:15, we drove to Eferding (the place where Dad’s mother lived as a child). We went to town square, took our picture in front of her old house, and had dessert.


This is what we did today.

P.S. The reason I said Jane is a British cow is because we chose the voice called “Jane” with a British accent on our Renault GPS, and we also set it to “moo” when we exceed the speed limit. We don’t know if it’s mooing with a British accent or not.

P.P.S It was 8 degrees C in the mine

P.P.P.S.   COW!



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  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    I’m fairly certain that the cows in Austria “moo” in German.

  2. Uncle Eric permalink

    I did that exact same tour when I was 9 years old in 1970!!

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    My kind of write-up…animated with lovely pictures of the kids and parents. The hills are alive…Moo!

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