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Last few days (by Anna)

by on July 22, 2013

I haven’t blogged in a few days because we had exhausting days and I was really tired every single night,but now it’s morning so I’m not so tired.

A few days ago, we went to he BMW museum, Welt and factory. The BMW Welt is a place that has all the BMW cars and motorcycles. It was really fun, and there were awesome cars that we saw. The factory was really noisy, but awesome at the same time. I liked the metal presser and the assembly line. I found a really cool car called a i8, that’s all electric and looks great, and I want one someday but Mommy says I will have to start a company to get one!


Then we went to a jousting tournament that had really pretty horses that did really cool stunts, and we had a lot of fun. People did crazy stunts on the horses like riding upside down and standing up. Some of the riders dragged their feet on the ground and one person jumped from one side of the horse to the other. My favorite parts were the pretty horses and the dragon that shot fire.


The next day on the way to Salzburg we went to a high mountain called Wendelstein Peak. We rode a tram train to the top. From the top we had a good view of the mountains and everything else looked really small. The thing I liked the best was a really cold cave with snow.


The only problem as that it was really cold and I wasn’t wearing warm clothes. I complained a lot and Daddy said I should get over it 🙂 We had a icky dessert at the restaurant that was bread with plum stuff and poppy seeds, but we had good apple strudel. We are having a lot of apple strudel on this trip.


Yesterday we went to another cold cave that was a salt mine, but I wore wore warmer clothes so I wasn’t cold. We got to ride on a minecart, and I had a lot of fun on it. We rode a long slide and a short slide in between levels of the mine. To ride on the slide, you wrapped your legs around the wooden bars and slid fast down the slide. Daddy tried to see if he could scream the whole way down. The salt mine was inside a hill. We got to the top of the hill by riding a funicular and Daddy tried to not look down. It was fun. On the way down we stood by the front window so we could see us go down the hill. In the distance we could see people flying down from the top of the mountain on parachutes.

We saw ….



The we drove to Oma’ s old house from when she was a little girl. It was in a medium-sized town with a good ice cream store.

Now it’s Monday morning, and its nice weather. We are going to see Salzburg today.



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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Now that’s an interesting read and quite well written with a nice sprinkling of photos. I love that car too! The jousting tournament sounded fun…need more pictures!!!

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    Good to see you back on the blogging circuit, Miss Anna! It’s fun to SHEEP get caught up again.
    It’s wonderful that you include all the pictures of the things you’re bringing me in the doggie bag (strudel, BMW, etc., although you can leave out the dragon and the sheGOATCOWep), but seeing the car before you brought it to me kinda’ ruined the surprise.
    Also, it’s funny, but I don’t remember Oma ever talking about the ice cream store from when she lived there!

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