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Nein bahn-jour (by Alex)

by on July 22, 2013

Today, we went to Downtown Salzburg. We started by seeing the Magic Flute Puppet Show. The actual voices were German, but on the screens, they had some English notes. It was shortened down to 45 min. I thought it was cool that people were controlling puppets. Then, we went up a funicular to a fortress. The funicular was really fast. We looked in some rooms, got some smushed 5 EURO Cent for our smushed penny collection, and looked at the city. I really liked the view of the city, river, and mountains. Finally, we took the funicular back down. This is what we did today.

P.S. Bahn is German for way, as in “motorway” or “railway”


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One Comment
  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    Are you sure you’re not in Washington, DC? Fast trains, worthless money, people controlling puppets…
    Oh, wait, you indicated that the traffic’s moving–never mind.

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