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The hills are alive…. With the smell of diesel! (by Alex)

by on July 24, 2013

Yesterday, Anna and I went tobogganing down the Alps (3 km long). When going up the first time, we got lost and went into Germany. When I turned around to ask where the toboggans were, I saw a sign that said Republic of Öosterreich (or whatever it is). The lady said “You are in Deutschland”. We were able to find the toboggans. The first time we went the fastest, the second, someone was going really slow, and the third time, the people in front of us were stopping to take pictures. I really enjoyed going fast.


Then, we did a Sound of Music Tour. We got on a bus, and saw the filming sites. We saw the lake, exterior of the house, the church, and we passed the Abbey. The interiors of the house, and the interior of the Gazebo were done in Hollywood. We wanted to go in the gazebo but once one lady thought she was a little younger than she actually was so she, 90 years old, did 16 going on 17, slipped and fell, so we weren’t allowed to enter (this happened years ago).


Last on the tour, we went to the Lakes and Mountains region. One part of a scene had a little town. Our tour guide lived near this town. Our buses had diesel engines, so they must’ve smelt bad for the people behind us (if there were any, as the country road speed limit is 70 mph).

Finally, we saw The Sound of Music Marionette Show. I really liked it when they did the lonely goat herd, which was people doing puppets of people doing puppets.

We had dessert at the Hotel Sacher (and we had Sacher Torte).


The hills are alive with the sound of Moosic!






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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Go Speed Racer Go. Looks like a blast. Yummy desserts.

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