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Whatever floats your boat (by Alex)

by on July 25, 2013

Over the last two days, we drove, and drove. The first day, we drove 8 hours and stayed at a hotel in an actual old castle in Germany.


We slept in the hotel, and continued on. Tonight, we are staying in Papenberg (home of Meyer Werft, #1 cruise ship manufacturer, and maker of Disney Dream/Fantasy). Our hotel is in an old shipyard building and the restaurant at our hotel still has the crane they used to build the ships.


We walked around town a little bit. There is a nice walkway and with shops and restaurants along an old canal, and the old draw bridges along the canal operate in many different ways. Some rotate, some lift up, and some don’t change. Anna and I think that you would need a team of 20 sumo wrestlers at every bridge to be able to sail your boat.



We had an Italian dinner, and ice cream for desert. Dad got whipped cream, with berries, I got an ice cream with chocolate sauce and a large amount of whipped cream, while Anna got Iced Spaghetti. They put ice cream in a potato masher, then it came out as spaghetti. Strawberry sauce was used as Tomato sauce. I really enjoyed Anna’s.

Even though we haven’t done much, I still enjoyed the past 2 days.

(Note from Dad…. this long drive was intentional… we had to get from the South of Germany to the North, and we needed a rental car at both ends, so better to just hop in the car and put the pedal down than mess with other options. Besides, how often do you get to stay in a castle hotel?)





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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    That dining room seating looks like you had the whole restaurant to yourselves. Sleeping in a castle, a houseboat…you guys are quite adventurous.

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