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Cruise the Streams (by Alex)

by on July 27, 2013

Today, we did a canal tour. We got on a boat, and went through the canals of Amsterdam. At first, it was raining but the sky cleared up. We saw some buildings, ships, and some bridges. We even sailed through some locks (they did not act as lifts though). I really liked seeing the “city” on top of the Nemo building.

We also saw the I Amsterdam sign which is a big deal in town. We saw lots of tourists on other boats and on the streets.


The boat was ho-ho (hop-on, hop-off) so we could get off when we wanted.

Another thing we saw was a big windmill.  There are many out in the countryside but this is the last one left in Amsterdam.



Amsterdam is all about bicycles… since it’s totally flat and there’s no space. At the train station they built a parking garage that holds 2,500 bikes, but they need to build another one because there are 7,000 bikes parked on the streets around the station


Along the canals, there are metal bars to keep the cars from going into the water.  As some people say, “There are three layers of the canals. First is the water, then the mud, and finally the bikes and cars”.


We saw a sinking boat.


Finally, we saw two people dressed up as Waldo. Apparently, they were having their bachelor’s party.


We did not do much today, but these are some of the things we saw.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Did you guys bike around Amsterdam at all. Looks pretty neat. Seems like a fun stop.

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