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Random creepy stuff (by David)

by on July 27, 2013

We’re nicely settled in on our houseboat on a canal in Amsterdam. We always do the ’round-the-town bus tour on our first day in a town, so today we did the ’round-the-town canal boat tour. Had fun and saw some of the main sights.

This city definitely has a “if it feels good, do it” spirit. Pretty much the opposite from button-down, by-the-book Munich.

Anna says that Munich is like Percy Weasley…follow the rules, finish first in your class. Amsterdam is Fred and George Weasley…. joke around and do whatever you want to do.

All I know is that our boat is fifty feet from the most-hopping bar in town which wasn’t all that fun (for us) at 1am on Friday night.

Now that we have good wi-fi, I can post some things that we’ve run across in the last few days. Anna uses the word “creepy” for anything wierd, so we’ll stick with that:


Creepy hot-dog guy squirting ketchup on his forehead



…. and again



Window full of creepy bouncy springy Mozart things with very creepy Mozart guy looking at them


Creepy Viking guy




Doe, a deer, a female deer..



Nice shot (not creepy) of the kids on a warm Salzburg evening…

(Note that we took this about 9:45 pm, and it was still twilight


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One Comment
  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Not so creepy…you guys should have joined in the festivities by the bar!!! Teach the kids young, give ’em wine now and it will be no big deal later.

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