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City on a roof (by Alex)

by on July 29, 2013

Yesterday, we went to the Van Gogh Museum. At the museum, some of his artwork was displayed. Apparently, Van Gogh was depressed because he was mentally ill, and he couldn’t sell any of his paintings. His artwork expressed how he was feeling, so some of his later artwork had really wild strokes because he was mad. We did not get to see Starry Night though, as it is in New York (Anna really wanted to see Starry Night).


I think it was crazy that people were taking pictures of art.

Then, we went to the Diamond Museum. We got to sit in a giant yellow shoe!


We saw replicas of some crowns, some diamonds, and a gold tennis racquet with a tennis ball made out of diamonds that you get if you win a championship 3/5 years (the 5 years must be consecutive). Only one person has won this trophy, though Venus has come close. There also was a skull made out of diamonds with teeth.  Anna said it was creepy!


Finally, we went to the roof of the Nemo Museum. It was designed to be a concrete beach, with a “stream” running through the middle.


A lot of people were hanging out there. We saw a person painting the skyline while we were there. All of the little kids were playing in the water while only wearing diapers, so I think that their diapers were heavy. I really liked the view from the “beach”.


This is what we did yesterday.

*Yesterday is based on Amsterdam time

PS: we like the ketchup in a toothpaste tube


PS:  Here we are on our houseboat


PS from Dad: this summer and last, we’ve tried hard to not drag the kids to too many art museums, but it seemed like the Van Gogh museum was something we just had to see. And the kids did get a lot out of it (we think).


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Ok Alex, you are a witty writer like your dad but how come Anna is not typing on the keyboard too. Did you give her a mini vacation. You guys look like you are enjoying the sights.

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