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Belgium (by Anna)

by on August 6, 2013

I had a lot of fun in Belgium.  I saw my friends, and we ate chocolate three times a day.  

I had a lot of fun on the beach with Isla and Olivia.  We got Ice cream, and adopted a pet jellyfish called Jellybean.  We were skimboarding when we found it, and then put it in a bucket and named it Jellybean.  We then brought it to a lifeguard and he said it was a common brown jellyfish.  We took it to our apartment and it rode in an elevator, then we put it back in the water.  Then we all decided that we wanted a pet jellyfish when we got home.  

I also liked the Atomium.  We rode an escalator to the edges of it, and then took an elevator with a glass roof to the top for lunch.  We could see all the way up the elevator shaft through the glass roof.  There were awesome lights up the side of one of the escalator tubes.  

We also went to Brugge.  We rode a really pretty horse, and saw a beguinage.  I liked the horse ride the most, and we saw nuns at the beguinage. 

We went on a tour of World  War One stuff, and the car was squished.  There were five of us in the back seat, so Olivia sat on my lap for part of it.  My friend Isla almost broke her foot by dropping a box of artillery shells on it.  Luckily the foot didn’t break. 


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One Comment
  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    OK, Anna. It’s obvious that you’re just making up words now that sound foreign. I’m not buying beguinage, atomium, or brugge. Did you also eat uerfdenschnoodles on the way to the krabollotz?
    Your friend Isla is very lucky–dropping a box of artillery shells can often do more than just break a foot!

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